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Richard (Rick)
Skarbez, PhD

Lecturer of Computer Science & IT

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Since 2005, I have been doing research with immersive technologies, with a specific focus on virtual reality (VR). I firmly believe that these technologies have the potential to change the ways we work, play, and live, and I am passionate about realizing that potential.

Research Interests

As a researcher, my primary interest is the development of effective immersive tools and technologies, with the goal of transforming the way we work and live. My primary focus is virtual reality (VR), but also have Opinions about augmented reality (AR). (These are sometimes grouped under the term xR, but I prefer to refer to them as subtypes of mixed reality (MR).)

Within this relatively broad area, my specific interest is understanding how human users interact with and are in turn affected by experiences of immersive technology. (This can fairly be called "presence research," but I have some misgivings about the term "presence".)

Watch this space.

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